Here were some of the problems we were facing:

  • As you can see from the screenshot a lot of the components are mixed

  • almost everything is white

  • the add to cart button is shown twice and in two differen sizes.

  • the payment methods are not realy in focus

  • there is some unnecessary info below


Sugartrends is an ecommerce platform that allows small shops around the world to have their online shop presented on the platform.

The homepage was not performing really well, customers tend  not to click on it. Another problem we had is that people often don't understand what's behind our company. 


Our shopping cart had higher bouncing rate and a majority of the people that added produtcs to the cart didn't complete their orders. Our goal was to find a way to improve those numbers. 


I was responsible for the whole design process - making research on our statistics, doing mockups, then transforming it to design and finally handling it to the developers team.



Some of the things we've decided to change were - adding a preview with all the payment methods we accept, adding information about delivery and returns, adding trusted badges in order to increase the trust of new customers. 

We also added a free shipping counter, to encourage people to add more to their order so they can get a free shipping delivery.