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I'm a person with highly diverse experiences in numerous creative fields. I have a Master degree in Web Science and more than six years experience in the Graphic Design field, of which three were in the UX & UI Field. I'm also specialized in Digital Illustration.

At the moment I'm working as a Designer, based in Luxembourg, for a company managing fund distribution. Since I also worked for a small Startup called Sugartrends, I have experience working alone and being responsible for all design tasks before I had to hand them over for development. Thus I learned to work well in a team environment as well as using my own initiative.

In my free time I like to take photos on film, so I've decided to combine my love for photography and my design skills and I've created a website dedicated to analogue photography - I've designed and I'm managing the website myself. That also include contacting people and asking them to join to community, currating the photos, creating blog posts and more.

You might ask yourself, why am I interested in so many fields. I believe that people shouldn't limit themselves to one field. Of course if you are passionate about one thing, that's fine, but I like to express myself in different creative ways. 

I am seeking employment that will make best use of my skills and allow me to develop them further. I'm open to work as a freelancer too.

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