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I thrive on the richness of diverse experiences across various creative domains. Armed with a Master's degree in Web Science, my journey in the Design world has spanned over a decade, with six of those years dedicated to the captivating realms of UX Design. Additionally, my expertise extends to the captivating realm of Digital Illustration, where I bring imagination to life.

My professional journey has provided me with valuable experiences working independently, where I shouldered the responsibility of handling all design tasks before transitioning them to the development stage. This has equipped me with the ability to excel both in collaborative team environments and in self-guided initiatives.

In my free time I like to take photos on film, so I've decided to combine my love for photography and my design skills and I've created a website dedicated to analogue photography - I've designed and I'm managing the website myself. That also include contacting people and asking them to join to community, curating the photos, creating blog posts and more.

You may wonder why I have such a broad range of interests across multiple fields. In my belief, individuals should not confine themselves to a single domain. While it's perfectly fine to have a deep passion for one specific area, I personally find joy in expressing myself through various creative avenues.

In my quest for professional opportunities, I am eager to find a role that optimally utilizes my skills and offers opportunities for further growth and development. I am open to freelancing engagements, as they provide flexibility and the chance to collaborate on diverse projects.

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